Quadriaxial glass fiber fabric


  • Excellent workability with gypsum and cement
  • Control and prevention of breakage and cracking
  • Simple and safe to apply, it greatly increases the resistance and mechanical characteristics of the final product
  • It is used in many application sectors

VV030 quadriaxial glass fiber fabric used for the reinforcement of synthetic gypsums and cements in the layering phase. The product adapts to non-linear surfaces and blends perfectly with casting or thixotropic gypsums. The VV030 is composed of glass fibers spun parallel to overlapping layers, oriented at both 90° and 45° and then sewn with fine filaments to keep them together. VV030 is a high performance reinforcement fabric particularly suitable in combination with synthetic gypsums, cements and epoxy resins.

The Veltman VV030 quadriaxial fabric is widely used in the construction, nautical and automotive sectors, for the production of light models, for the art and restoration sector, for the cinematographic-theatrical scenography, for hobbies and bodycasting.

  • Fiber type: PPG Roving 2002
  • Binder content: 0.55 - 0.65 % ( nominal )
  • Volumetric density: 2.59 - 2.62 gr/cm³ 
  • Filament diameter: 12 μm
  • Tensile strength: 1900 - 2400 Mpa
  • Tensile modulus: 69 - 76 Gpa
  • Elongation at break: 3.5 - 4 %

After to have applied a first layer of synthetic gypsum (eg: with GV81-Tixotropico Veltman), apply the quadriaxial fiber and cover everything with a further layer of synthetic gypsum until a final thickness of at least 8-10mm is obtained. The product thus obtained becomes extremely resistant to any mechanical action.

It is possible to apply a second layer of quadriaxial fabric if it is desired to achieve even higher resistance characteristics (for example for external use or for reinforcement). Three layers only in particularly rare and critical cases.

To further increase performance, it is possible to add Veltman VV020 glass fiber.





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