Veltman Italia is a leading company in the production of synthetic gypsum and innovative materials that has always reconciled the search for new technologies with attention to the development of its products. Thanks to the intense laboratory activity, our company is able to offer a wide range of high-quality products such as synthetic gypsums, special cements, silicone rubbers, alginates, setting retardants, hardeners, fluidifiers, anti-bubble and catalysts.

Veltman Italia is able to formulate, upon specific request, any synthesis and modification based on synthetic calcium sulphate; joint development with our customers has allowed us to create innovative materials (GV41-DIPLAST), waterproof, fire resistant, ultra-hard and thixotropic.

The experience of Veltman Italia has allowed the formulation of specific chemical additives and technical materials that allow us to respond to any customer request by providing products that find application in the construction field (internal and external), in industrial production, in the fine arts sector and restoration, in rapid prototyping, in model making / hobby, in the production of sets, masks, bas-reliefs, religious articles, sculptures, bodycasting, statues, as well as in the creation of casts, molds and negatives.